Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz Receives Mixed Reviews

If you haven’t been living under a rock you are aware that Miley Cyrus released her new independent album for free. If you want to download a copy check you can grab it here: She ended the night by perform it’s first ummm single? The song is called “Do It!”.  Quickly after the MTV VMAs aired Miley’s site crashed as the sudden influx of downloaders was too overwhelming for her servers. Twitter was trending all night with Miley centric hashtags.  The reviews from the critics are mixed. Some applaud Miley for boldly experimenting on her own buck. Others think it is complete garbage. The interesting thing about this album is that Miley had complete creative control since this isn’t a studio label album and was paid for by herself and recorded in her home studio on a relatively small budget.

Here is what the word around the internet is on Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz says:

Miley changed her style on this album- there is no power ballad to be found and no radio friendly “number one”.  I am not sure what her plan was with this album but it doesn’t appear that being on the radio or in the stocking of 12 year old girls this Christmas was the plan.  The mix wasn’t great, she sang behind it at times (thankfully) – but the lyrics combined with her general lack of effort on this album were what in my opinion makes MyleCyrus&HerDeadPets one of the worst albums ever released.

Time Magazine says:

These 23 tracks are meant for lighting up and pondering the universe, if they’re not about indulging in those activities explicitly. More than half of them top four minutes in length, and several approach five or six. Being in the moment, at least in this dimension, is hardly the goal.

The Guardian says:

You can hear lead producer Wayne Coyne’s hand all over Dead Petz. The Flaming Lips frontman shares production duties with the rest of his band, as well as hip-hop hitmaker Mike Will Made It, Cyrus’s core collaborator on her all-grown-up-now RCA debut Bangerz. The results ping back and forth between all of Cyrus’s different guises.

The official Music video for Do It!:


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